Q: Why do you need a medical cannabis card?

Although cannabis is legal in California, yet it’s illegal at the Federal level. There are several States where possessing & consuming marijuana is prohibited. If you travel to a non-legal State carrying cannabis without a medical marijuana card, you could violate the law, and get into trouble. But if you’re caught using or carrying cannabis and you’re holding an MMJ card, you can convince the Police that it’s essential for your health and can escape the penalty.

Q.What are the health conditions covered by medical cannabis recommendation?

California State Health Dept. has listed some selective diseases that could be covered for the medical cannabis recommendation. But there’s hardly any condition that can’t be covered under the general provision. The best suggestion is you chat with our MMJ doctors and discuss your medical condition.

Q. What other benefits do I get by having a medical marijuana card?

Besides other benefits, MMJ card enables you to save a huge amount on taxes. Recreational users are to pay about 15% sales & use tax on all cannabis products. But MMJ card holders are exempt.

Further, you can grow up to 6 cannabis plants indoors for recreational use. But MMJ cardholders are allowed to grow cannabis plants in 100 sq. feet area.

Q. What if I do not qualify?

Our pricing policy is backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee scheme. You’re charged only if you’re recommended.

Q. How long will it take to receive an MMJ Card?

Our online process is very simple and fast. You’ll receive your medical marijuana card by email within a few minutes. We ship the paper document or wallet card the same day.